Information Technology

About Us:
The Department of Information Technology (IT) provides cost-effective, leading-edge technology products and services to support instruction. IT is an integral part of the daily operations, from classrooms to board rooms.

Areas of Responsibility:
The department is broken down into three main areas, District Support Services, Student Information Services, and Instructional Technology Support.

  • District Support Services – Manages all computer related support aspects, from student to board level, and to the ECPS community and target audiences where needed. Designs, installs, maintains, repairs, services all parts of the technology infrastructure.

  • Student Information Services - Manages all student, staff, and administrative needs for student information. Including PowerSchool, PowerSchool Parent Portal, state reporting, online testing, and data uploads.

  • Instructional Technology Support - The ITRT collaborates with classroom teachers on integrating technology, models technology-integration strategies, researches technologies, and conducts professional development.

Members of the IT department attend monthly meetings with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. The IT department is also represented during Essex Family meetings, school board meetings, and many more. The goal is to create a cohesive flow of information, achieve goals where technology is needed, and take a preventative nature toward problems which can arise in the ever changing landscape of technology.

Technology Committee:
The ECPS Technology Committee oversees various aspects of technology in Essex County. The committee is charged with conceptualizing and the implementation of technology in the classroom setting. Further, the committee will review new software and hardware, changes to technology policies, feedback, and make decisions to improve student outcomes through the use of technology.

Please use the links below to contact the various members of the Technology Department. You may also contact us by phone at 804-445-9521.

Email Jon Barnes - Director of Technology
Email Todd Lewis - Technology Coordinator