EHS Physics Competition

Essex High School students showcased talents at the Tidewater Physics Olympics, held on March 14th at Rappahannock Community College (RCC). Teams from Essex, Northumberland, and the Chesapeake Bay Governor's School (CBGS) gathered for a day filled with challenging and engaging physics competitions.

The event, known for its fast-paced, hands-on physics competitions, saw our students excel in applying their knowledge of physics concepts through building, estimating, and constructing projects using basic materials. This year's Olympics comprised four dynamic contests designed to test the student's understanding and application of physics in real-world scenarios.

Essex High School's pride was evident as the team comprising Aaniya Francis, Rylanda Bundy, Samiya Famble, and Aniyah Francis clinched the 3rd overall position, a testament to their exceptional problem-solving skills. Their achievement brought great honor to Essex, highlighting the strength and dedication of our students. Jacob Durham, Bailey Fones, and Nasir Samuel won the Alpha Challenge, showcasing their innovative thinking and teamwork.

Stay tuned for the academic excellence and innovation of Essex High School students.